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Shree Palanimurugan trust” is a non-profit organization initiated in the year 2015. Shree Palanimurugan trust undertakes a vast number of CSR activities through various modes including local schools which focus on providing equal opportunities for each child even in the most remote places and world-class hospitals which provide affordably and quality care for the needy. 

Shree Palanimurugan Trust is Set up in 2015 and is registered under trust act. The trust aimed for "Caring for Society" has been the bedrock of our group. It is defined by the Philosophy of Our founder G.Kannapan. He wanted to ensure no one went hungry and led by example by regularly providing annadhanams at all religious institutions. 

He started the Sharadha Pharmacy in Mettupalayam, through which thousands of rural public are getting benefitted by the free medical services available at the free clinic and the affordable pharmacy. which run by Shree Palanimurugan Trust

We at Sharadha Terry Products Limited (STPL) believe that social responsibility is not just a corporate obligation that has to be discharged but it is our "DHARMA". Accordingly, STPL's CSR initiatives are a reflection of our value system which provides us with a way to discharge our responsibility to the community in which we operate.

Shree Palanimurugan trust shall endeavour to work towards the socio-economic development of the community in which we operate through various participatory and need-based initiatives in the best interest of the poor and the underprivileged sections of the society to empower them to be "Self-Reliant" and build a better tomorrow for themselves. While we will undertake projects based on the identified needs of the community; Education, Healthcare and Women Empowerment shall remain our priority. 

Our Next Step:
We are in the process to start a vocational training centre in the name of Sharadha Skill Academy. Going forward, our next mission is to create Healthy employment opportunities for 5000 underprivileged youths in the age between 18 – 35 years in next 5 years in No – Cost, Through giving vocational training to make a new India 

Our CSR Policy
 We are committed to identifying and implementing projects aimed at: 

  • CSR Programmes primarily in areas that falls within the economic vicinity of the company's operations to enable close supervision and ensure maximum development impact. 
  • Providing Infrastructure development and setting up essential services which form the basis of sustainable development in the areas of Medical relief, Basic infrastructure, Sanitation and hygiene, Safe Drinking water, Housing, Renewable energy, etc. 
  • Providing an opportunity and engage and enhance the desire for learning by establishing, acquiring, maintaining, managing and/or supporting Schools, Colleges, Vidyapiths, Training institutes, Balamandirs and study centres for imparting education to assist economically backward students in pursuing their academic, professional and other studies. 
  • Providing quality healthcare facilities to people living in villages through charitable Dispensaries, Convalescent homes, pharmacies, Primary Healthcare units, Mother & Childcare projects and Preventive health through awareness programs. 
  • Empowerment of women through skill development centres like Industrial Education School for Vocational Skill training, Livelihood enhancement projects and training to students, Assist formation of a self-help group, Groups for women empowerment and partnership with ITI's etc.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability, Ecological balance protection of flora and fauna, Animal welfare, Agroforestry etc.
  • Contribution to the Prime Ministers National Relief Fund or any other fund set up by the Government for socio-economic development, relief and welfare of the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, other Backward Classes, Minorities and women, to render aid and relief to the poor and deserving persons at all times during epidemic, famine, floods earthquake and unforeseen natural calamities.
  • Providing Food, Shelter, Clothing to poor and deserving, persons in need, providing annadhanams to alleviate the hunger of the downtrodden.
  • To pursue CSR programmes in relevant local areas to fulfil commitments arising from the request by Governmental/Regulatory authorities and to spend monies through administrative bodies of the Government and/or directly by way of developmental works in local areas around which company operates.