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Sharadha Terry Products Ltd is one of the leading home textiles companies in the World exporting bath products to leading retailers across the world including USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Sharadha is a highly integrated and modern setup delivering spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing solutions, all under one roof.

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'Sharadha' is the proud recipient of the most prestigious FROST & SULLIVAN Award for creating a WORLD CLASS PRODUCT and several BEST EXPORTER Awards from the Government of India and the BEST VENDOR Award from leading retailers worldwide.

Headquartered in India, the company reaches 20,000 retail outlets across the world with its offices in New York and warehouses in USA and Europe.

Sharadha's R&D has been instrumental in bringing out several innovative first-to-market products that have revolutionized not only the bath towel market but the entire home textile industry.

Sharadha’s Micro Cotton® brand is one of the leading home textiles brands in the world today and starts for outstanding and premium quality of home textiles. It was conceived with a desire to evolve and expand the concept of luxury and design for a complete bath experience.


Our vision is to produce Terry towels and allied products that are admired and sought after by one and all, and become the best and the largest terry towel manufacturing company in the world.


Our aim is to produce high quality products and continuously add value to our customers through product innovation and Customer service. We shall endeavor to adopt World Class Manufacturing practices and work ethics while adhering highest human and social values.

CSR Mission

STPL shall endeavor to work towards the socio economic development of the community in which we operate through various participatory and need based initiatives in the best interest of the poor and the underprivileged sections of the society so as to empower them to be “Self Reliant” and build a better tomorrow for themselves. While we will undertake projects based on the identified needs to the community; Education, Healthcare and Women Empowerment shall remain our priority.

Quality Policy

We at Sharadha Terry Products Limited committed to,

  • Producing terry products of consistent quality with softness, absorbency, bulkiness and all requirements specified by our customer.
  • Providing customer service in communication, delivery schedules, sampling and product development.
  • Developing a culture of continual improvement through effectiveness of Quality Management System with the objective of offering product and service that delights the customer.