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We at KG Worldwide would like to create a positive impact in the lives of every person we touch in an enriching manner. Each employee, their family, our vendors, partners, and the community on the whole need to be carefully nurtured and developed. KG Worldwide undertakes a vast number of CSR activities through various modes including local schools which focus on providing equal opportunities for each child even in the most remote places and world class hospitals which provide affordable and quality care for the needy.

Caring for Society- has been the bedrock of our group; It is define by the philosophy of Our founder Annur Dharmaveera K. Govindaswamy Naidu. , He recognised very early in his life that women's education and empowerment in societal development. He was instrumental in stating several Schools specially focused on development of the girl child. KG Group is in the fore front of Healthcare and Education with its internationally recognised hospital and commendable educational institutions. He started the KG Medical trust which runs a multi speciality hospital under which several free healthcare initiatives are provided for the underprivileged. It has organised numerous outreach programs for the deprive that covers Health awareness through medical camps. He wanted to ensure no one went hungry and lead by example by regularly providing annadhanams at all religious institutions.

We also understand the importance of our Natural Resources and the need for promoting sustainability and renewable energy. KG Worldwide uses some of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources including Wind Energy and fueling by Agri-waste.

All the textile factories are equipped with the latest water treatment plants and recycling plants thus minimizing carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner and eco-friendly environment.

education Education

The Kadri Mills School in Ondipudur & the KG School in Annur mentors around 4500 students with 300 students successfully graduate with their higher secondary school certificates. It was initiated by the founder with an intention to provide affordable education to the children of the employees and to the society at large. It gives special emphasis ton development and growth of the girl children. We have contributed for scholarships for poor students for their higher studies.

education Healthcare

KG Naidu Medical Trust organizes numerous community outreach programs for the deprived and underprivileged that covers clinical examination, diagnostics, health awareness, treatment, and free surgeries at the hospital's main facility and through periodic medical camps. Under the scheme of 'Little Hearts Foundation', it has performed more than 500 free heart surgeries for children.

education Waste Management

Kadri Mills & Sharadha are committed to nature and environment. The organizations have installed waste management systems and treatment plants to process the effluents, waste waters, chemicals, solid waste & materials in all of its manufacturing units. It complies with the stringent environmental laws and regulations.

We have the most modern Effluent treatment plants in the world with zero dischargee to the earth. We recover 99 % of the water for reuse and all the salts and chemicals for reuse.

education Renewable Energy

Both Kadri and Sharadha make best use of renewable energy. Its modern windmills and captive power plants save and generate considerable amount of energy. It is utilized effectively to save general energy supply. The group is actively pursuing setting up of Roof-top Solar PV units.

We have installed wind mills of capacity ( 14 windmills - 8.7 MW). We have the largest roof top solar system ( 13,1 MW) in india. All our factory roofs have solar modules generating solar power for captive consumption.

education Community Service

A specially constructed marriage hall is offered free of cost to all the deserving people of the communities for conducting marriage.

education Spiritual Involvement

The Group contributes to the development of renowned temples in South India. The Annadhanam Trust offers free lunch to all devotees. Under the temple Trust, a rural Health Clinic is maintained which give free treatment and medicines to the needy. We provide food for more than 400,000 devotees per year.

Sharadha Pharmacy & Nirmala Rajeshwari free Clinic in Mettupalayam

The flagship companies of KG Group - Sharadha Terry product limited, moved a step ahead on Corporate Social Responsibilities with Nirmala Rajeshwari Clinic & Sharadha Pharmacy in Mettupalayam, through which thousands of rural public are getting benefitted by the free medical services available at the free clinic and the affordable pharmacy.

"Sharadha's CSR initiatives are a reflection of the value system which provides a way to discharge the responsibility to the community in which it operates".